About Cindy D

I am a freelance artist and Illustrator, born and brought up in South Africa, and now living in the beautiful country side of Cambridge UK with my amazingly supportive husband and son.

I enjoy working with many mediums, but watercolour has to be my favorite. I fell in love with its luminosity, and it is now the main body of my work. 

Through my art and words, be they my own poetry or bible verse, or sayings, I love to "speak" for others, or capture a memory in a painting or sketch. 

Bringing other peoples ideas to life is what I do best, and I am often commissioned to do artwork that breaths life into someones dreams. 

I have now gone on to sharing my work to a wider audience, and I have started licensing my illustrations to companies, who manufacture merchandise that speaks into the hearts of my ideal clients.

To keep my work fresh and unique, I also have my own shops, links can be found in my Shop link page. These shops have a vast variety of merchandise that can be printed on demand, downloaded or commissioned. Please do come through the doors and have a look. 

But if you do not find what you are looking for and would like something that is uniquely yours, please send me a mail and we can work together on art that is just for you. 

Cindy D xxx

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