Client Work

I am the art director and partner of fantastic free flow imagination play center, in Woking Surrey. It’s been my privilege to be a part of this venture from the very beginning in 2016 with a good friend, giving birth to the hoard of little characters, and turning an empty shop shell into what is now, Treasure Cove.

Treasure Cove Media and Opening

Treasure Cove Website and virtual tour

We are in the new paper, along with my artwork. 

Woking News and Mail did a front page article on us just before we opened. 

We were opened by the Mayor and Counselor of Woking in a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

A great way to see my art "in action" is to follow the links in the buttons alongside. These will show how I was creatively responsible to help turn an empty shell into the space it is, create and maintain the website, and be the look behind all the social media and marketing. You can also take a virtual tour of Treasure Cove on the website link. 

Treasure Cove, the Beginning

This is a gallery of the start of Treasure Cove. It has a showcase of how it moved from an idea, to an empty shell of a shop, to what it is now.

Treasure Cove, Characters 

Our Treasure Cove characters evolved from the first plans to what they are today. Each character has a name and personality trait. They have had a few friends added along the way.

Treasure Cove, Scenery 

Another part of my job at Treasure Cove was to do the scenery for the shop. This included wall scenes, art for the cafe, the advertising and the branding on everything. I also collected, cleaned and made all the toys for our initial start up. The scenery is now being renewed and the toys replace. The advertising , signs and information, is always being worked on and changed up to keep it fresh and relevant. This is still my responsibility.



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