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Bring the Bible to life
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Let Matthew Mouse bring the stories of the Bible to life for your child.

Let your child get excited each month, as they wait in anticipation for their  beautifully illustrated letter, addressed to them, to pop through the letter box.

Each letter will contain a small gift from Matthew Mouse, for them to enjoy, as he tell them of all the things he has done and seen in the pages of the Bible.

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Why not give a gift subscription ? 

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This is the perfect gift for children, that gives all year  round. If you click on subscribe, you have an option to give a gift subscription for 3, 6 , 9 or 12 months. 

There is also an option to download a gift certificate to be printed and added to your card.

Here is what some of Matthew's friend have to say 


Sophie says:

She loves getting Matthew Mouse letters and collecting the magnets with Bible characters on.

Esther says:

Matthew Mouse is wonderfully illustrated and written. You can tell so much thought, time and effort goes into it. My 4 year old is on her 6th letter now and eagerly awaits it to come through the door. It has such a refreshing way of bringing to life stories in the bible we know and love. We are so thankful to Cindy.

Still not sure ? 

Why not email me for more information 

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