Matthew Mouse Bible Letter Subscription - Shared letter

Matthew Mouse Bible Letter Subscription - Shared letter

This is a shared letter option for families with two children, who would like one letter and two gifts.


Matthew Mouse is a monthly Bible story letter subscription for Children aged 3 to 9 years old, told by a friendly little mouse, Matthew.  He hops through the pages of the Bible witnessing the events and meeting exciting people in the Bible.

  • The Shared letter is for families with two children who would like to receive one letter but have two gifts included.


    Matthew is a cute little mouse who found out, quite by accident, he can hop betweenthe pages of the Bible and decided to write to children all around the UK, telling them about the amazing things he has seen, and the wonderful people he’s met. He tells the stories as a reporter from a new and exciting neutral point of view, in plain language, so children can enjoy what he has seen and done. The beautiful hand illustrated letter and envelopes are posted by Royal Mail once amonth, addressed to your children. Each envelope includes a letter and a simple gift relating to the story. This is a monthly subscription and is aimed at children aged 3 -9 yrs, with the younger age being read to and the upper age group read themselves. It’s also been successful with older folk who are young at heart and enjoy receiving Matthew’s news.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Matthew Mouse
Shared letter subscription
£9.00monthly/ auto-renew
3 Month Sub
Give a 3 month gift
£9.00monthly/ 3 months
6 Month Sub
Give a 6 month Gift
£9.00monthly/ 6 months
1 Year Gift
Give a 1 Year Gift
£9.00monthly/ 12 months


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